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What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch is the single largest voluntary organisation in the country.
It is based around the idea of an active caring community working in partnership with the police and other agencies to make their neighbourhood safer.

Our main aims are to prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime, and improve safety.
That means that while addressing crime remains our core aim, we also offer help in other important ways to protect our communities.

The modern Neighbourhood Watch is about making sure that nobody has to feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live.
It's about people looking out for each other, whoever they are, to create strong communities for everyone's benefit.

Because Neighbourhood Watch members are the eyes and ears of the community,
such areas are far less likely to be targeted by criminals. Crime cannot flourish in a community that cares.

We are a "grass roots" organisation, run by our volunteer members for our members. Anybody can join, and membership is free.


1. Reduce crime where you live

Neighbourhood Watch encourages people to act together to prevent and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.
By working together with your neighbours, you can actively contribute to reducing crime in your community.

2. Get involved with your community

Neighbourhood Watch facilitates the creation of a stronger and safer community by encouraging neighbours to talk to each other.
As well as helping reduce crime, you'll be able to help one another.
For example, if you're planning a holiDAY, a neighbour may be able to keep an eye on your home for your whilst you're away.

3. Build relationships with your local Police

Being part of a scheme improves the sharing of information between you and the Police about what is happening in your area.
You are able to build a closer relationship with your local Neighbourhood Policing teams,
who rely heavily on information passed to them by reside/sidents and Neighbourhood Watch members.

4. Improve your security

Improve the security of your home through the distribution of crime prevention advice.
You will become more vigilant and able to share home security advice with your friends and family.

Some insurance companies even offer cheaper house insurance policies for registered members of Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

5. Feel safer at home

Being part of the largest voluntary crime prevention initiative in the UK helps reduce the fear of crime.
It also helps vulnerable people and those who live alone, to feel more confident knowing there is someone there to help.

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